The New Year’s Resolutions Pretty Much All Moms Should Have


We all come from different backgrounds and beliefs; we have different perspectives on parenting and family dynamics, but many of us struggle with similar obstacles because we share one thing in common: that title of “mom”. The responsibilities are rigorous, the schedule is demanding, and the sacrifices are great, but we wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. And that is why we all need to set these intentions for the new year.

1. Be In More Pictures

I never thought this would be a problem for me, but looking over some of the last year’s pictures, I am in less than half of them. We had entire family excursions where I am the invisible mom behind the camera. My daughter’s second birthday? I was there, I swear, but it seems like I was too busy taking pictures of her with everyone else and never thought, Hey, I should shove the camera into someone else’s hands and jump into one too. Get in front of the camera this year, even if you don’t have on a stitch of makeup and your hair isn’t perfect. Your kids will still want that memory decades from now.

2. Take It Easy

This year give yourself permission right now to take it easy on yourself and what you hold yourself accountable for. This could be backing off of the school booster club that you actually hate, turning down that dreaded request to be room parent, or simply saying no to that millionth playgroup or activity for your toddler. Just figure out what you truly want to do and just do that.

3. Fill Your Own Cup

You know that you can’t pour out of an empty cup, but somehow that gets lost in the busyness of everyday life. What fills your cup? Is it spending time out with friends sans kiddos? Joining an exercise class? Carving out time to spend alone at home with Netflix and wine? Whatever it is, be intentional and schedule it into your week and make sure it holds the same priority as your kid’s piano recital—don’t let it get bumped!

4. Unplug

This one always seems pretty simple, but it is one of the hardest to follow through on. Give yourself a chance to live in the moment this year without the comparison and stress that hanging out online often brings. Maybe you are addicted to those perfect Instagram families, or you spend way too much time snooping on your sister-in-law’s ex-husband’s new girlfriend on Facebook. Maybe the onslaught on news is stressing you out. Whatever it is, take a break and enjoy just being here right now.

 Take what you need from these resolutions and make 2017 the year of the happy mom. What other resolutions are you making this year?


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