Rebel Visit to the OBGYN

Every Sunday night I carefully review my calendar for the upcoming week to make sure we have all appointments and activities covered. I cringed a little when my eyes fell on Wednesday’s first entry – “8:00 OBGYN appointment.” Mental note to self – shave legs Wednesday morning.

My rebel moment

While driving to my appointment (I live in Windermere and my doctor is in Maitland), I decided to be a crazy rebel. After the nurse took my blood pressure and asked me exactly the same questions I had already answered twenty minutes earlier by filling out five pages of forms, she instructed me to get undressed and put on a gown (on what planet is that considered a “gown”) open to the front, and said that the doctor would be in shortly. Every year when I get undressed, I neatly tuck my bra and panties completely under my clothes on the chair. Admit it, you do that, too. This vestige of modesty makes no sense considering the rest of the visit. But nonetheless, I tuck them away so that my doctor doesn’t see them.

Rebel Visit to the OBGYN

The crazy rebel part? I left my Hanes cotton panties and my well worn bra right on top of my clothes for the world (well my doctor and nurse) to see.   

And seriously, what’s with the gown and the lap blanket? There is a real financial opportunity for a designer who could come up with something less “airy.” Although at least my doctor has soft fabric gowns instead of paper like my last doctor.

Rebel Visit to the OBGYN

My doctor and nurse breezed in and out, seemingly unaware of my brazenly visible panties and bra. But I felt strangely empowered. Now who knows what crazy thing I might do at my mammogram.

Rebel Visit to the OBGYN





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