The Truth About STD Testing: It Doesn’t Have to be Scary

It isn’t a topic we ever want to think about, let alone talk about with our kids, but sexually transmitted diseases are a reality and understanding them is important to everyone’s health. The education first starts with us as moms. It is a hard subject, but the facts tell us it is one we need to face:

      Florida has the nation’s 4th highest rate of syphilis.

      Chlamydia in Orange County and Orlando has increased 100% in the last 10 years.

      In Orange County there were 8,400 reported cases of STDs.

      3.7% of all reported cases were associated with HIV.

      64% of sexually active Florida students reported they did not use a condom the last time they had sexual intercourse. 

STD TestingPlusfeatureSTDs are a very real problem in Orlando, and it is clear that many teenagers are not getting the right information about good sexual habits. Even if you are advocating that your teenagers abstain from sex before marriage, these potentially serious diseases could affect their lives one day, and therefore they need to be prepared with the right information.

And don’t forget, STDs do not just affect teenagers. All sexually active people should be routinely tested for STDs:

      Sexually active women under 25- annual chlamydia and gonorrhea screenings

      Older females with multiple sex partners- annual chlamydia and gonorrhea screenings

      Pregnant women- syphilis, HIV, chlamydia and Hepatitis B

Beyond the recommended annual screenings, anytime you put yourself at risk of contracting an STD you should get tested before your next sexual encounter to prevent possible transmission of an STI.

A lot of people think the process of getting an STD test is going to be overwhelming and awkward, which is why STD Testing Plus provides a non-embarrassing, interaction-free way to order the highest quality, most accurate STD tests available.  You can find a local Orlando STD Testing location and order your test securely and privately online.

STD Testing Plus

The process is simple: choose which STDs you want to be tested for, order online, bring your lab requisition to your selected lab, give your sample(s) and get your results in 1-3 days.  There are no doctor appointments, no appointment times and you can be tested at your convenience. You can even get your results privately through email.

It might be an uncomfortable topic, but it is an important one for both your own health and your children’s. There is nothing to be embarrassed about for doing the responsible thing and either getting yourself tested or helping your teenager get tested, but STD Testing Plus ensures that your privacy will be respected while you take control over your and your family’s health. 


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